What is V: The Visitors Return?

V: The Visitors Return is an online roleplaying game based partially on the original mini-series V which aired in the mid 1980's. The premise was simple. AHumanoid appearing aliens came to Earth, pretending to be our friends. They said that they wanted friendship and access to some of our more readily available resources (ie: water) and in return they would give us technology and their gratitude.

In actuality these peaceful Visitors were actually after something more sinister. Humans. As Food. Disguised under human looking masks and fake flesh, the aliens were really members of a warlike and very hungry reptilian species.

That is the gist of V. For a more complete rundown you can check The History and The Timeline of the game.

Unlike the Mini-Series and Television Series, the exact dates have been updated and pushed ahead roughly 15 years so the invasion place in the 2000's instead of the 1980's. Besides that shift, we try to remain as faithful as possible to the ideal of V and it's events and characters despite any "cosmetic" differences the shift in time creates.

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