Pyotr Zagadka

Full Name: Pyotr Boiko Dragunov Zagadka

Faction: Resistance

Occupation: (Mad) Scientist

First Appearance: [ DATA ]

DOB (Mush Timeline): January 4th, 1976

Known Relatives: [ Father, Unamed (Deceased), Mother, Unamed (Deceased), Grandfather, Dragonov Zagadka, Deceased, Fiancé, Anyanka Yuzwah(Deceased) ]

Birthplace: Archangel, Ukraine (former USSR)

Nationality: Ukrainian

Biography: Pyotr Zagadka was a young, socially awkward, student-scientist and infamous hacker born during the last decade of the cold war in the Ukraine and attending the vaunted University of Moscow in Russia. He began his correspondence with visitors as a companion, highly valued for his technical and scientific prowess and talents. But it was not long until fate and tragedy would turn this meek and shy man of science into one of the most infamous Resistance fighters in the old Russian states.
When the Visitors first invasion was thwarted by the Red Dust, Pyotr and his cell were celebrated as great heroes for their tenacity and the sacrifices they took and the final assault of unleashing the Red Dust developed by the Americans and refined for the old Russian bloc countries by Pyotr and his own Grandfather, a famous scientist in his own generation . They thought they could once again go back to having a normal life. To starting families and being whom they wished to be, without the desperation that had driven them for so long.

But he and his friends were wrong.

The Visitors returned a year after they were driven off. The Motherships floated once again over the greatest cities of the world. Even in the Red Dust Zone, they came if only briefly. Their shocktroopers, suited against the deadly bacteria, were ordered to attack and, if need be, sacrifice themselves in the

pursuit and capture, of if need be termination, of the best and the brightest of the Old Resistance.

In a single night, strikes throughout Russia wiped out most of not off of the original resistance, caught unprepared for the barbaric results. Pyotr, having returned to the University to teach and and continue his research was one of the few to escape. His entire family, his parents, his grandfather and his new fiancé were murdered when the communal home of the Zagadka's was destroyed.

Not feeling safe even within his own homeland, be it above the dustline, and with nothing left to keep him there, driven away by a dark vengeance burning in the pit of his stomach that could not be quenched, Pyotr disappeared into the European Criminal Underground. Selling his scientific talents and knowledge of the visitors technology to the highest bidder. It wasn't long until the Visitors caught onto this and started a small campaign of terror to drive him into the light so he could be apprehended and destroyed.

Faking his own death in an explosion in Berlin to throw off his persuers, Pyotr traveled long and hard across the expanse of Russia all the way to Siberia where, during the short spring, he was able to get a birth on a Russian fishing trawler. From there he made the long trip to North America, skipping from boat to boat, passing himself off as a (not very good) fisherman until finally after many months he made it to North America.

It was by complete accident, or stroke of fate, that he came across the much vaunted and hallowed Original L.A. Resistance. Now he has a new purpose. To use his talents and knowledge and skills to help the new people whom have taken him in not just as a fighter with a similar cause, but as part of their family. He will do anything to make sure they survive, even if it means one day giving his life in the process.

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